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Kindle Version is Out!

Ta-da! After hour upon hour of formatting work, and calling it quits once and then starting over, the Kindle version is up and running. I’ll have to investigate how to market it, etc., but I’ve priced it at $5.99 – having no idea what it should be or what to expect. Now, whether it will be accepted for Nook and Apple remains to be seen, but I think that Kindle has the widest use anyhow.

I left out photos, in my attempt to get the reformatting approved, so anyone should really prefer to have the print version – which I will remind everyone (again) can be bought at Amazon’s or on (which is where the Kindle version also shows up.)


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Additional information

I’ve been in touch with the cousin who has the eight additional volumes of the diary which I had added to the one I had. She continues to live in the old home where the writer of the diary, Georgina Barrett Devlin, spent her last years. She was a wealth of information about the family, some of which I have incorporated into footnotes.

She also has a couple more photos which I will also be including. Glad I restrained my impatience to actually publish. Things will be delayed, but I think a lot will be added.

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A big day!

The proof copy arrived today and it looks wonderful! Bill, with a fresh pair of eyes, will proofread it soon.

There’ll be a few tweaks and corrections, needless to say, but then I’ll resubmit and we should be good to go.

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Waiting for the Proof Copy . . .

I’ve gotten word that it meets the “technical requirements” of CreateSpace. So I’ve ordered a copy to proof. Should be here in less than a week!

Here is the bound copy that I have had for over fifty years, given to me by my grandmother. As it turned out, there were seven more volumes that I was able to borrow from a cousin and transcribe.

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The Cover of the Book-to-Be

After working for years to complete the transcription, footnoting, introduction, historical notes, and most complicated of all, formatting, I’ve submitted The Diary of a Southern Lady to CreateSpace for publication. If it meets their technical requirements, the next step will be to order a draft copy to proof. I’m holding my breath!

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